Friday, June 16, 2006

Baby wedding

If you think you are too young to get married, then you must read this!

Puspa (13 months) and Bundaram (3 years).

Uli Rauss wrote that Bundaram (3 yrs) and Puspa (13 mths) was held their wedding ceremony in Rajastan Province, Western India. Their parent carried them circling the holy bonfire along with mantra spelled by the priest. After the whole ritual ceremony finished, they are announced as husband and wife.

Even though since 1930 India Government stated that this baby marriage is illegal, their parents still doing this unique tradition because it is a heritage tradition that the elder wants to do in order to keep their ancient tradition exist. The other reason is baby wedding take lower cost than adult wedding.

Even Bundaram is a husband now, he still need baby feeding.


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